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Warwick Amplification has been delivering punch and rumble to big stages for decades now. Wherever and whatever you play, amplifiers by Warwick offer great tonal versatility through the combination of classic sounds with modern performance. From the award-winning Hellborg Series, through affordable full-fledged rugged amps in all sizes for seriously gigging musicians, to essential parts and accessories – the design considerations of Warwick Amplification products are multifold. And thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques and component quality, noise or hum have become obsolete side-effects of great sound long since!

Product overview
A-Nr: SP WA A002180
Endcaps for handle 3,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002270
Wheels - Diameter 2.0", High 2.76" 10,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002280
Wheels - Diameter 4.0" 13,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002250
Rubber feet 2,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002240
Rubber feet all Cabinets 2,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002130
Corner Angled Right Plastic 1,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002140
Corner Angled Left Plastic 1,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002120
Corner Straight Plastik 1,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002125
Corner Straight Metal 2,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000600
8" driver Celestion 8" 150W 4Ohm 168,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000590
8" driver Celestion 8" 150W 8Ohm 168,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000640
15" driver Celestion 15" 400W 8Ohm 455,00 €
A-Nr: XA CN 91105
Rubber foot, 20mm 1,40 €
A-Nr: XA CN 91200
Wheel for standard cabinets from january 2009 9,80 €
A-Nr: XA CN 91200 OLD
Wheel for standard cabinets 9,80 €
A-Nr: XA CN 91205
corner wheels for CL-CCL Eckrolle für CL und CCL 7,30 €
A-Nr: XA CN 91210
Wheel for cabinets 611-811 13,50 €
A-Nr: XA CN 91211
cabinet wheels large for 611/811 13,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000380
LWA1000 preamp 117,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000310
BC10 Preamp PCBA board 32,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000325
BC80 Preamp PCBA 51,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000371
LWA500 preamp 55,20 €
A-Nr: SP WA A001070
Power switch RF-1003 3,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000372
LWA500 input board 4,20 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000500
8" driver Woofer 8ohms 20Watts 38,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000510
10" driver Woofer 8ohms 40Watts 56,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000520
12" driver Woofer 8ohms 80W 99,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000530
15" driver woofer 8ohms 150Watts 132,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000620
8" driver WPB 8/8 100W 4Ohm 85,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000560
10" driver WPB 10/4 100W 4Ohm 95,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000550
10" driver WPB 10/8 100W 8Ohm 95,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000540
15" driver WPB 15/8 15" 300W 8Ohm 162,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000373
LWA500 backboard 9,30 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000374
LWA500 Power amp module 237,90 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000290
BC150 Power amp PCBA 91,00 €
A-Nr: XA CN 50480
Transistor MJ11015 ->X WA 0311 15,90 €
A-Nr: XA CN 50485
Transistor MJ11016 ->X WA 0312 15,90 €
A-Nr: XA 00600
NTC-120 Ohms 3,5 A 13,40 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002050
WCA 210 Grill 10 with Logo 39,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002070
WCA 410/115 Grill with logo 55,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002091
WCA 112/115 LW Grill with logo 39,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002100
WCA 208 Grill with logo 32,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000250
WA600 Transformer 169,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002000
BC 10 Grill with logo 19,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002010
BC 150 / BC 300 Grill with logo 24,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002020
BC 20 Grill with logo 24,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002030
BC 40 Grill with logo 26,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002040
BC 80 Grill with logo 39,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000400
LWA1000 Aux board 5,50 €
A-Nr: XA CN 90905
Corner 2 leg, chrome 1,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002160
Corner Left Metal 3,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000390
LWA1000 input board 6,50 €
A-Nr: SP WA A001040
Cable Preamp - 3 Pin 2,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000410
LWA1000 backboard 16,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A002170
Corner Backside Metal 3,00 €
A-Nr: SP WA A000330
B150 Preamp PCBA 51,00 €

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